Hey man, your fly's hanging open.
Oh no, I'm sorry -
that's just your mouth

spewing jizz all over this stage.
See Poets, you used to talk about
Racism and classism. I don't know
when those first few letters

disappeared to leave us with ass-ism
The specifics of what you say
aren't important right now.
Insert information here -

This woman, that woman
Brown hair, blonde
Big tits, small tits

Handfuls of ass, other body parts.
You sing songs about booty,
write odes about booty,
essays, rhymes and villanelles

about booty. What's that?
A haiku about booty?
Well, fuck you
for forgetting about her brain in all that booty.

Why, I've heard prayers for it -
praises and praises and praises and
singing hymn after hymn after hymn,

and forgetting about her and her and
her in the corner or hoar in the bible.
And me with my pencil on this page,
so I can get on the stage

and tell you exactly what I think.
Your words are misogynistic
And I will risk it all to tell you

I disagree

Your words are misogynistic,
and if you don't know what that means
I suggest you look it up,

because you are talented poets,
but you are using your diction
to screw women on this stage
And I will not sit down for it anymore.

I would rather stand up
and spew my own words at you,
than kneel down and let you
spray me with yours. Anymore.

but you are using your vocabulary
to rip holes in women's clothes
that have been torn from years
of oppression and abuse.

And I will not lie down for it anymore.
So I am buttoning my shirt,
I am lacing my boots
and I am opening my mouth

to tell you exactly what I think.
You are talented poets,
but your words would better be used
as patches for our thread bear shirts

and linings for our shappy coats.
So I write you these words to tell you
your fly is open. And I ask you in the only way I know how,
to please zip it up.

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