Dianogah are a three-piece band from Chicago, Illinois. It consists of two bassists and a drumkit, but they do not sound like Primus. One of the bassists, Jay Ryan, makes concert posters and other music related artistry. My personal favorite is the Dianogah/Blonde Redhead/Man... Or Astroman? tour poster from a couple years ago. I am guessing Dianogah got their name from the trash compactor creature in Star Wars, whose name was also Dianogah.

From the Ohio Gold website: People have described Dianogah's music as the soundtrack to chubby animals wrestling1, the soundtrack to a stick floating down a river, the most unoriginal band of the year, and a midwestern goldmine.

Full Length Albums:
Battle Champions - Southern Records
As Seen from Above - Ohio Gold

7"s,CDEPs, and Compilations:
Team Dianogah Swedish 7"
Reach The Rock soundtrack
Zum Audio Vol. 2
Split 7" Single with The Log Letters
My Ohio Action Pal Boy Gold God 300 Comp
Old Material, New Format CDEP
Ground Rule Double Comp
Garden Airplane Trap b/w Eucalyptus
100% Tree b/w Building a Playpen

1Listeners provide their own chubby animals.

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