An incredible singer, also awesome piano licks. Most memorable description of a voice I have ever heard:

"A voice like wild honey with a spoonful of Scotch" (Terry Teachout)

I started with "Stepping Out," early stuff, have found and listened to anything I can find of hers, she is an artist. After listening to her voice I then find myself flowing with the intricacy of her playing.

CDs (possibly only partial list...)

  • Only Trust Your Heart
    Very tastey, great song in "Is you is or is you ain't my baby..."
  • All for You
    Nat King Cole Trio gets the dedication. Diana is singer-jazz pianist, the liner notes in here are very good, this is where I can attribute the description of her voice
  • Love Scenes
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (the obligatory Christmas throw-away, but damn nice anyway)
  • When I Look in Your Eyes
  • Stepping Out
    This is just a fucking awesome CD - (song) "An Errand Girl for Rhythm - Call Me..."

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