In William Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends Well, Diana Capilet is a well-born but impoverished maiden, who captures the fancy of Bertram, Count of Rousillon. Bertram has recently been married to Helena, the orphaned daughter of a lowly physician, on the orders of the King of France, whose life she has saved and has run off from the court of France to join the Italian army. In conspiracy with Helena, Diana allows herself to be "seduced", demanding Betram's heirloom ring as a token of her love, and giving him a ring in exchange which Helena was given by the King. However, when he comes to Diana's room in the dark, it is Helena he sleeps with, and impregnates.

The plot is revealed, later, but only after Betram's immoral character has been revealed by Diana, and he has been accused of murdering Helena, when he is found with her ring. Through Diana's intervention, Betram has been led to do the two things that he declared would make Helena properly his wife - exchange rings and sire a child on her, so he settles down, apparently happy, and Diana is found a wealthy husband by the king, thus restoring her family's fortunes.

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