The Dharma Beats are a Cosmic Baseball Association Team comprised of members of the Beat Generation. They play in the Cosmic Overleague.
David Amram - Pitcher
Levi Asher - Secondbase
Ray Bremser - Thirdbase
William Burroughs - Pitcher
Lucien Carr - Shortstop
Neal Cassady - Pitcher
Gregory Corso - Firstbase
Lawrence Ferlinghetti - Rightfield
John C. Holmes - Utility
Herbert Huncke - Catcher
David Kammerer - Pitcher
Jack Kerouac - Leftfield
Jack Micheline - Pitcher
Charles Plymell - Centerfield
Kenneth Rexroth - Outfield
Gary Snyder - Pitcher
Lew Welch - Pitcher
Ed White - Pitcher
Philip Whalen - Infield
Team Management
Robert Kelly - Manager
Gerald Nicosia - Coach
John Sampas - G.M.
Allen Ginsberg - Owner
DharmaDome Home Park
The 2001 Dharma Beats are ready to take the field!
Play ball! (cosmic style)

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