Strange as it sounds, I derive great pleasure in listening to wacky locally-produced extremist Christian radio stations during my long commute home from work. Now, I have nothing against Christians, so don't take my mirth the wrong way. Hell, some of my best friends are Christians. I'm talking about the extreme right-wing lunatic fringe radio preachers here, poor characters who are just a stone's throw from the AM band or public cable access programs.

Anyway, I'm listening to a program in the car last week, and the preacher starts talking about dinosaurs. Were dinosaurs created by God? Why weren't there dinosaurs on Noah's Ark? Why doesn't the Bible mention dinosaurs?

His answer to this is that dinosaurs never existed. Humans are myth-makers, he says, born liars who will believe anything. (Ironic, eh?) So the Devil put these bones in the ground and tricked humans into believing that dinosaurs once walked the earth. And we so desperately want to tell the story to ourselves that we believe it.

He goes on to say that Genesis plainly says that God created all of the plants and animals, and that they haven't changed since the Creation. "What about evolution?" he rhetorically asks. "Another story we've made up. Another lie from the Devil. I call it Devilution!"

See why these programs are so much fun?

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