The next installment in the Devil May Cry series by Capcom. The game's release date is January 2003 and this sequel will be developed for Playstation 2. From what I've seen in the screenshots and the previews, this game looks like it has stepped up a level with much crisper graphics, more in-depth gameplay, and even a special surprise heroine.

Our male hero, Dante, has learned several new combos and maneuvers, including running on walls to start a combo, perform double backflips, fight in longer aerial battles, slash enemies into pieces with his huge sword, and other half-demon powers. His face and body models have been tweaked to make him look more rugged and experienced. He even will be able to shoot his pistols in two different directions, even over his back! The screenshots of this look amazing and are all in game photos. Specially colored orbs are collected during your quest so Dante that can learn new moves and attacks.

And that special surprise. Many people wanted to play as Trish from the first Devil May Cry, so Capcom has created the playable heroine, Lucia. She plays the role of protector of Dante and helps him throughout his journey. Players will choose which character to play at the beginning, offering two viewpoints of Dante's journey. She weilds two swords and has various martial arts moves under he belt. Her character design is as beautifully developed as Dante's, both graphically and in the sense that she will also be learning new combos and attacks as the game progresses.

Most of the obscure camera angles have been sharpened and improved. Each level is now bigger, much easier to explore, and completely open to Dante, allowing for excellent non-linear gameplay. The puzzles will be much less confusing than in the first and the secret missions will be different with new added twists. This game is offering a lot of original content, and knowing Capcom, it's a safe bet to assume that this game will contend as one of the best games of 2002-03.

Verdict: This game is almost convincing me to buy a Playstation 2, along with the other smash hit titles of 2001 and earlier. Of course, I just bought a Nintendo Gamecube, so I'm pretty sufficed. All in all, if you are any bit interested in action/adventure games, this will be a classic must-have (I guess, since this series was originally supposed to be Resident Evil 4, but production changed midway through the game).

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Update: It turns out that the game was not a great or earth-shattering as the first one. The game recieved mediocre reviews and the gameplay was more boring than told by the awesome screenshots. Oh well, for those hardcore Dante lovers out there, this game is still for you. Levels are not as linear, and there's more exploration elements. All in all, still a fair game.

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