Deunan Knute is the main protagonist of the Appleseed mangas by Shirow Masamune and the multiple anime movies starring the characters created by Shirow. 

She has exceptional fighting skills and instincts, which allows her to defeat larger and more powerful enemies even when they're wearing power armor or are completely cyberized. In the first CGI movie, Deunan in tracked down by an old lover who she believes is dead. They manage to capture her just as she is surrounded by a large force of biomechanical killers. She almost escapes when she is brought down.

She is brought to Olympus, a large city run by a combination of old floating geezers that reminded me of Baron Harkonnen and a twin-brained massive computer system called Gaia. The armed forces of Olympus are not happy with the lack of war and are particularly upset that half the population is made up of artificial humans called bioroids. They are not able to reproduce, but some are married to humans and they act as a sensor to determine how the population is doing.

Deunan is convinced by Briarios, her old lover who is now completely cyberized, to join their special team. She easily takes out a superior force of men in 12 minutes when only starting with a knife and they have full automatic weapons and grenades. They learn to trust each other and they learn some of her skills over time.

When the military tries to start a coup, Briarios and Deunan discover Appleseed, the piece of code that will allow the bioroids to be fully human and able to reproduce. Deunan, in her typical "kill them all" style, helps to defeat the coup and to rescue the city of Olympus after the old geezers try a coup of their own.

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