Medium-sized city in Texas, founded in 1857 and located about fifty miles north of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. It's the county seat of, believe it or not, Denton County, and it has a population of about 113,000 people. Denton is the home of both the University of North Texas and Texas Woman's University. The town is probably best known for mild winters, boiling-hot summers, one of the prettiest town squares in the state, the mini-mecca of entertainment known as Fry Street (now mostly corporatized and reduced, thanks to the usual greedy, short-sighted developers), great jazz music (UNT's College of Music specializes in jazz) and a number of annual music festivals, beautiful scenery both inside and outside of the city, and Recycled Books, Records and CDs, the best used bookstore on the planet.

The city has generally excellent shopping -- they don't have near as much as Dallas, but not all of us think dozens of shopping malls in one city makes for a pleasant shopping experience anyway.

The civic leaders like to push the idea of "the Golden Triangle" -- an urban center formed by Dallas, Fort Worth, and Denton. Quite honestly, this is bullshit. Denton is a large town and has a lot of good stuff going for it, but it's simply not playing anywhere in Dallas' or Fort Worth's leagues. One of the main reasons I've always liked Denton is because it isn't an urban hellhole like Dallas; rather than wallowing in their envy of Big D, Denton should be gleefully pointing up all the ways they're different from their bloated neighbors to the south...

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" was not filmed or written here, despite what anyone else may tell you.

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