Dennis Woodruff is one of the more famous of the weirdos in Los Angeles. He is suppoesdly an 'aspiring actor', or at least his car would tell you so. Yep, he drives around in an old, beat up car, with random stuff painted on it... it has 'aspiring actor' painted on his door. Also, he has several fake oscars glued to the hood and top of his beat up old car. He is seen driving around in areas like Malibu and Hollywood with one hand on the wheel and the other out the window waving a little hand puppet around. Apparently he sells these if you really want one.

The guy is psycho but he's weird and harmless enough that he is rather famous. In the movie Volcano, his car gets destroyed by a rock thrown from the eruption. He is the second most famous freeloader in LA after Kato Kaelin.

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