Minesweeper in a roguelike-like skin

Demoncrawl is a game about discovering enemies in a grid, aided by helpful clues in every square on the grid. In other words, is Minesweeper, with RPG-like, roguelike elements.

Game loop

  1. Start a Quest
  2. Complete the «mandatory» stages, each more dangerous than the last
  3. Get money, items and XP
  4. Complete all stages to win!

Tell me more

In essence, DemonCrawl deviates from regular Minesweeper in several ways:

  1. It’s not 100% logic-based.1
  2. There’s Health Points, revives and monsters have an «Attack» stat.
  3. There’s money and shops.
  4. There’s items in five categories:
    1. Passives
    2. (one-time) Consumables
    3. Magic (reusable)
    4. Omens (bad things)
    5. Legendary (passive, can hold only one at a time)
  5. There’s Masteries—Character classes of some sort

What do you think Andy?

DemonCrawl has slowly become better since release.

It is hard, it has balance issues, it does require good knowledge of Minesweeper && its internal mechanics.

Yet, it’s fantastic. It’s amazing how easy one can enter a flow state where one doesn’t even sees the code; all you see is blonde, brunette, red-headed. It’s frustrating in that unique way of good roguelikes.

My recommendation: get it on sale.

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  1. In the regular difficulties. There's a separate gamemode about perfect logic grids.

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