The "Demmer" is a bar on the border between Cologne's most lively quarters (due to their large student population), Suelz and Lindenthal. Located ca 7-10 minutes by foot from the sprawling campus of the University of Cologne's medical school (depending on your location), this is the traditional hangout for medical students since the eighties. Thousands of wannabe doctors have celebrated the passing of their exams (or silently cried into their koelsch) with dozens of glasses of Peters, but most of the time probably just sat on one of the barstools with their friends after particularly gruelling dissection days or biochemistry tests, drinking and probably meeting their future spouses, partners or one night stands in these holy 100 square meters.

On the corner of a busy street, this angle shaped little student's paradise is dominated by a large, ca 5m long bar with an eccletic collection of spirits and barpersons behind it, who every couple of minutes will come around your table (the barperson, not the spirit) and hand you another couple of those deliciously long glasses full of Peters Koelsch. There is a beautiful mural of the Hindenburg breaking through the clouds and a rather daliesque one on the walls and the light is warm and always a bit too dim. Nurses look especially good in it.

If you - after a couple of hours - finally have to leave the premises, there are two strategically placed Gyros and Kebab places (one turkisch, one greek, obviously) a couple of drunken steps away, ready to feed your alcohol induced hypoglycaemia.

There are a couple of mute points, though: For some strange reason, students from other faculties (especially the extremely annoying dentists and business studies types) still seem to enter the place without shame, and I don't understand why the owners don't operate a "medical school only" door policy, but that's only a minor gripe.

50937 Cologne, Zülpicher Straße 247

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