Once upon a time,

in an era called the late eighties, the faculties of medicine and business studies of the University of Cologne in Germany decided to halt the needless waste of human life caused by their decade - old grudge against each other and rather channel their aggressions once a year on the icy surface of Cologne's icehockey - stadium for a hockey - game. An exclusive team of fearless medics and (well, pretty wimpy) business students were selected to represent their specialities on this field of dreams and to totally and completely destroy the enemy once and for all (well, at least literally) so no suit would ever dare again to walk into the holy halls of the Demmer, the medics favourite bar.

On the last thursday of november 3000 students, lured by free beer (sponsored by Reissdorf), seperated by friendly hostesses into Medic - Supporters and Suit - Supporters gathered in the cold arena to witness their team once and for all declare dominance on campus.

Refereed by (of course) a Law Student, the game was short (3x15 minutes) brutal and not pretty. There were cheerleaders falling all over the ice (the economy ones in tight little black numbers, the medical girls in nurses uniforms), artificial blood was spilled on the ice and the quality of most of the hockey was, er, ecclectic. It was pretty obvious that the suits had hired some soldiers of fortune (possibly even from the despised University of Duesseldorf) which helped the faculty of business studies to their cheap victory.

This event was repeated annually over the next five years, before being scrapped by the organisators due to, um, commercial misunderstandings. Nevertheless, the Medical Faculty still leads after five games 3:2.


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