Often referred to in Japanese slang as deri heru (shortened form of the engrish deribarii herusu). Also called shucchou health.

Delivery health is a type of prostitution service along the lines of fashion health. However with delivery health, the John doesn't go to the bordello, the prostitute gets delivered to a love hotel or even apartment!

Taped inside public phone booths around all major train stations are an abundant amount of flyers, called pinku chirashi, with erotic and teasing pictures of women. Living in downtown Tokyo or Osaka, usually junkmail flyers will even come once or twice a week in the mailbox. Written on the flyer will be all the information needed; phone number, yen rate per 50 to 90 minutes, and a description or list of the kind of services and types of girls. As for types, there are OL, young housewives, college students, and more.

Call the phone number and a receptionist will ask preferences, what service is wanted, and the type of girl liked or desired. Payment method, cash or credit, will also be decided. Soon afterwards, a girl will be delivered.

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