First full-length album of the techno group Propellerheads, released on January 26, 1998. Tracks are as follows:
  1. Take California (Gifford) (featured in the Apple iPod commercial)
  2. Velvet Pants (Gifford)
  3. Better? (White)
  4. 360 Degrees (Oh Yeah) (De La Soul/Gifford)
  5. History Repeating (Gifford)
  6. Winning Style (Gifford)
  7. Bang On! (Gifford)
  8. A Number of Microphones
  9. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (White)
  10. Bigger? (Barry)
  11. Cominagetcha (Gifford)
  12. Spybreak! (Gifford) (featured in The Matrix; this version is both 2 minutes longer and better than the one featured on the soundtrack)
  13. You Want It Back (Gifford)
(listing taken from

Although I am by no means an expert in techno or even music, I will offer the following:

I'd say the album is highly worth purchasing. The Propellerheads really have their own unique style that shouldn't be missed.

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