1. There's only one type of man that 
  2. falls in love with a woman like me.
  3. I discourage males because love
  4. is messy and I like it when my 
  5. statistical models are predictable.
  6. Most mornings I'm up at 4:00 AM.
  7. Every third Sunday I let myself sleep 
  8. until 4:01, other days I watch my
  9. iPhone flip from 3:59:59, it's 
  10. those little things in life.


  1. I can only have a finite number
  2. of people making demands on my
  3. time and energy. I'll tell men 
  4. straight up that I'm not looking
  5. for anything long term. I want 
  6. his insatiable curiosity, predatory 
  7. instincts, and help getting my
  8. bottles of Burgundy off the 
  9. top of my dustless refrigerator. 
  10. Short men need not apply. 


  1. Whenever other women ask how
  2. I get these men I tell them that
  3. the trick is to be dangerous and
  4. mysterious. Charisma is a skill;
  5. don't believe me? Hand over
  6. your credit card number and I'll
  7. teach you how to use neuro-
  8. science to your advantage. It
  9. wasn't cheap, but this degree
  10. practically pays for itself. 


  1. There are no rules and one
  2. objective. Anything goes, all
  3. is fair in love, and war, this
  4. is a little bit of both. When 
  5. two minds meet, only one
  6. of them can be the ultimate
  7. victor. Do you really believe
  8. that tripe about it being
  9. better to have lost at love?
  10. Real women play to win


  1. My lists are short. I'm incredibly 
  2. efficient, time management
  3. is virtual money. You don't get the
  4. title of heartbreaker by being
  5. one of the nice girls. This overly
  6. dramatic nonsense about soul
  7. mates and happily ever after
  8. has got to stop, but there are
  9. still fools walking around thinking 
  10. he will be the one to open my heart.


  1. Thankfully intelligent men
  2. know that telling me that
  3. they love me is a waste of
  4. time just like the presents,
  5. flowers, and all the rest of
  6. that crap. I can buy tickets
  7. for myself and I know more
  8. about baseball than a lot
  9. of people who own a penis.
  10. No, I don't eat popcorn.


  1. Currently my friends are 
  2. keeping track of Hall of
  3. Fame votes. We break
  4. down the process and 
  5. discuss how limiting it
  6. is to have a ballot of ten.
  7. Last year my friend 
  8. from Detroit abstained 
  9. from voting entirely.
  10. I respect that in a man.


  1. Today there are two names
  2. on my list. Someone's heart
  3. is going to break and now I
  4. have to go through the decision
  5. making process. I don't enjoy 
  6. this. I actually hate it, but you
  7. don't get ahead in life by 
  8. procrastinating. I agonize
  9. for a millisecond; breaking his
  10. heart is like shattering my own.


  1. Sometimes I think the only 
  2. thing worse than someone 
  3. falling in love with a woman
  4. who will never soften is living
  5. in a world that is willing to
  6. believe the worst of me. I
  7. wasn't assembled in Silicon
  8. Valley, I bleed real blood, I
  9. cry real tears, I have real
  10. feelings. Touch me, you'll see.


  1. I never thought it would come
  2. to this, but I have no illusions 
  3. left. It's come down to him,
  4. or me, one of us is going to 
  5. wake up on the wrong side
  6. of heartbreak. I've come too
  7. far to let him win. I'm the INTJ
  8. Mastermind, I refuse to admit
  9. defeat. Do we have a future? Will 
  10. I win, or will he, try to negotiate?


  1. To be continued... 

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