foolishly I
saw my world through your eyes
as brilliant

music does funny things to for people.

it can draw pictures and tell stories.

it can be mathematical, audacious and precise,
or simply a bit of fun.

minimalistic music does it for me.

it's one in the morning and i came home from a seven-hour shift not two hours ago.

and now i have kompakt total in my earbuds and in my head, and the feeling is

the closest i can come to this feeling is
"feeling lonely, without actually being alone"
especially with the right atmosphear.

i can't do this in daytime.

because it's less beautiful in the daytime,
and there are too many people.

oh, hell, i know they're there, a few feet away, sleeping off their hard day's work,
but in my little minimalistic world

they're a million miles away,

and they will never understand...

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