While reflecting on drama, let me just say, that most of you are good people. And you shouldn't let life or the people in it make you unhappy.

When old friends leave, wish them well on their travels.
Do not miss them, remember them fondly.
When new friends arrive, welcome them kindly.
There are a lot of people to meet out there and they're infinitely interesting. The world is filled with them! Make the most of knowing them.

I'm going to be honest. I'm tired of this hush-hush whisper-whisper fuckaround bullshit.

Auspice and Misterfluffie left because of Halspal.

Auspice removed all but five of her writeups -- a tremendous loss. Fluffie's writeups are still available on the everyone account.

Why the fuck are you trying to sweep this under the rug? I'm tired of secrets. I'm tired of codewords. I’m tired of sugarcoat-ation. I'm tired of being silenced in the catbox. I'm tired of unanswered PMs. We are all a part of E2 and we all have a right to know why two of our best left--from the tippyest-top admin to the lowlyest newbie.

There is no way their leaving can be kept quiet, and frankly, I'm tired of treating it like it's a big fucking secret. I'm not going to censor my desire to have them back. I'm not going to go on pretending this place is the same without them. We SHOULD be talking about this in the catbox, in an open forum, as a group. Discouraging open discussion is the worst possible response to this. Let us grieve in peace.

Are we supposed to just sit here and pretend everything is fucking dandy? Like we have no problems? Like we're not fucking missing Cass and Mr. F and Sim like crazy? Like this whole E2 for sale fiasco hasn't got us all standing on the tops of our fucking heads?

How long do you think you can keep this up?

If anyone wants to know anything at all about the recent departure of Auspice and haqiqat, please feel free to /msg me.

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