Deathgyunos is by far the stupidest villain in any anime series EVER. He appears as a mysterious energy-eater in Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals.

Besides having no background at all, besides just appearing on a black moon near the home planet one day, Deathgyunos hates Cid but loves his brain, which he stole from Cid after Cid died.

"I am immortal but even then, I lose patience!"

Deathgyunos' physical features are as follows: he is a mangled Halloween mask with a hand on a mouse. In some scenes he is shown crapping his pants by receiving an excess of energy from the four elemental crystals of the home planet.

"Bring me the crystals, the girl, and ALL."

Deathgyunos is also after Linaly, who visited the Wind Shrine and had the Wind Crystal unexpectedly implanted in her ass. He visits her as Ra Devil, a 3-D puzzle of a man made of stone, encapsulates her, and takes her back to the black moon.

Hearing Deathgyunos' hideous lines is almost worth buying the terrible anime series itself. But again, I accent "almost."

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