Brussels bar and restaurant

Located in an Art Nouveau era house at the don't-leave-anything-valuable-in-your-car end of the Rue Royale in St.-Josse, close to the Botanique and handy for lots of tram routes. Behind the fairly traditional (and probably pretty good) restaurant is a drinks-and-petit restauration place decorated as a strange hybrid between an 1880s third class railway carriage and the sort of grotto built by bored landowners in the romantic era. Although notionally petit, the restauration is in fact pretty substantial; vegetarians are well catered for by the standards of continental Europe. The bar serves a well-selected choice of beers including the ferociously acid gueuze and kriek from the Cantillon brewery.

Rue Royale 316 Koningsstraat,
1210 Brussels

Vaut le détour.

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