Once, before the takeover of the world by industrial pilsner, the lifeblood of Brussels and the surrounding area was gueuze. A beer based on the lambic process also used for kriek and faro, it is fermented using airborne yeasts which only occur in the specific region. The resulting brew is a deeply complex sour amber beer which, it has to be said, will strike most first-timers as the most disgusting drink they have ever had, (unless they have tried carampampoli, of course), with strong overtones of bile. Like most acquired tastes, however, it is reasonably likely that you will acquire it if you find it within yourself to persevere.

Names to conjure with, if you can find them:

  • Hansens (Dworp)
  • Drie Fonteinen (Not sure, Beersel I think)
  • Cantillon (Anderlecht) - their brewery is worth a visit, although their products are so acidic you'll probably have to add sugar to them
WARNING: There are a number of unpleasant sugary industrial imitations of gueuze available, particularly from Belle Vue; the Mort Subite one isn't too hot either.

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