Daxue Street in Tainan (Daxue is the pinyin spelling. The actual streets have some terribly bastardized Wade-Giles on them), which translated into University Street, is a short but important road in Tainan. It runs from the Tainan railroad station to Linsen Road, meaning it runs all the way along the southern edge of the ChengGong Daxue campus.

Cheng Da is one of the best universities in Taiwan, so it could be expected that a street next to campus would be where the young, hip, educated youth of Tainan would end up spending their free time. This is, indeed the case, as the area around here is home to an even greater than normal density of restraurants, cafes, internet cafes, trendy clothing shops, other associated stores, and Tainan's largest McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken, and the Far Eastern Mall. And being that this is Tainan, saying that something has "more restaurants than normal" is saying quite a bit.

If you find yourself in Tainan, check out the food here, and say hello to Rusty and Ajax, the two dogs that own the Westmost block.

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