Jan. 31, 1969
Body of Gail Miller found in a Saskatoon snowbank. Milgaard is travelling through Saskatoon the morning she is found.
Milgaard is arrested and charged with murder.
Jan. 31, 1970
Milgaard is convicted of murdering Miller; sentenced to life.
Jan. 31, 1971
Saskatchewan Court of Appeal rejects Milgaard's appeal.
Nov. 15, 1971
Supreme Court of Canada refuses to hear Milgaard's appeal.
Milgaard escapes from Stony Mountain Penitentiary, north of Winnipeg. He is later returned to prison.
Milgaard does not return to prison after being released on day pass. He is recaptured 77 days later in Toronto.
Dec. 1988
Milgaard's lawyers apply to have the case reopened.
An unsuccessful attempt is made to get DNA testing done.
Feb. 27, 1991
Kim Campbell, then federal justice minister, turns down a request to reopen the case.
August, 1991 Milgaard's lawyers file second application to have the case reopened.
Feb. 27, 1991
Campbell directs the Supreme Court to review Milgaard's conviction.
Top court says Milgaard should have new trial. He is freed after Saskatchewan decides not to prosecute him again. He is not formally acquitted.
July 18, 1997
Milgaard's team announces more sophisticated DNA tests in Britain prove Milgaard did not commit Miller's murder. That same day, Milgaard receives apology from the Saskatchewan government for his wrongful conviction.
July 25, 1997
Larry Fisher arrested in Calgary for the rape and murder of Gail Miller. His trial begins in Yorkton, Sask., on Oct. 12, 1999.

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