Method for sending a smallish number of pages of textual information for leisurely playback via the end credits of a TV show. It consists of a rapid sequence of frames of text that are designed to be recorded on a domestic VHS deck. On playback one can use the frame step controls on the (presumably 4-head) VHS recorder to view each page individually.

Or you can just swear at the TV when you forget to record the programme because you were watching it off-air. (Often the programme won't warn you that there's a blast coming, so there's no warning.)

This singularly useless innovation was used by Bad Influence and is even now used by Lee and Herring. Why not just use a page on teletext?

Presumably, what with subliminal images, mind control and all that, there's a big pile of useless information being poured into my subconscious by the foolish trendies who thought this up. I wonder if kids' heads will start exploding.

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