Author: Mike Lesitare
Written with: The Games Factory
Created: Oct. 13, 2002

A zombie-mashing, gore-crunching, all-around-good beat 'em up game by. You sit on one screen, and several types of zombies appear. You blow their heads off for a while, pick up some cash, and eventually "GO!" appears in gold letters. This is your cue to go to the next screen. There are 13 weapons (including 4 types of grenade), 10 levels of increasing difficulty, and one or two player support (hotseat only).

In campaign mode, five of the ten areas are controlled by zombies. You have a shotgun and 5000 credits. After spending the credits, you pick one of the enemy levels, and usually its pretty easy. If you win, it's no longer an enemy sector. If you lose, zombies take over another level. You win by purging zombies from every single area.

Survival mode is even simpler. You start with 9999999 credits. After picking your weapons, you sit on one screen forever. You can never, ever beat all the zombies on this screen. You simply kill as many as you can as they get harder and harder. When you die, your survival time and kills are counted in your final score.

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