Horror adventure game released for the PC by Cyberdreams in 1992. Most notable for the use of artwork by H.R. Giger (a swiss painter, most known for the Alien movies).

The plot revolves around a writer, who has a dream about strange, biomechanical beings that inject an alien embryo into his brain. Soon after this he starts having headaches and strange visions, and discovers that his house is linked to the Dark World, home of the aforementoned biomechanical beings called The Ancients. The player has to stop the plans of The Ancients before the alien in his head hatches.

Ironically, most of the horror and nightmares caused by the game had nothing to do with the the plot and artwork, but rather bad game design - illogical puzzles, a real-time time limit, and the fact that the game was a complete nightmare to run since it accessed the hard drive constantly, but was incompatible with disk-caching software.

A sequel, Dark Seed II was released in 1995.

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