Dani Kollin, first name pronounced like "Donnie", is a science fiction author who mostly writes with his brother, Eytan Kollin. I'm friends with Eytan, and he's not only a hoot to hang around, he's got an amazing singing voice that he uses to croon folks over to the book tables at conventions. 

Dani and Eytan are as opposite as you can get, but they make a great team when it comes to excellent sci-fi. Their best known work is the Prometheus Award-winning The Unincorporated Man series. I do recommend it, especially if you can get a signed copy at one of the many conventions the Kollin brothers attend.

Dani and Eytan are fiecely proud of their Jewish heritage. Dani is married and has a wonderful family. He lives in Southern California and likes to go surfing with some of his kids. When you first meet him he can come across as a bit standoffish, especially if you pronounce his name wrong. I'm sure I'd be tired of people calling me Danny instead of my real name, and I can relate. Once you get to talking about writing, he's enthusiastic and has some good insights on the writing process.

Recommended reading and recommended handshake material at a convention for both of the Kollin brothers.

Iron Noder 2017

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