Dance-Floor Assholes are people who make it their business to see that you don't have a good time cutting a rug at any type of social event.

The term originated on the, (surprise, surprise) disco dance floors of the early 80s. Disco was dying out and the Discothèque was becoming a poorer and poorer place to meet eligible young women. It seemed that the only people who could attract members of the opposite sex in this dying environment, were those who could dance, and I mean really dance. The guys who would spend hours of time at home practicing their moves, just so when the did get to a club their odds of leaving it by themselves would greatly reduced.

Which leaves us with the "other" guys. Guys who showed up week after week, but always ended up leaving alone. They became the guys women would hook-up with only when all the dancers were taken. Safe to say that they eventually started to resent the men who could dance, and because they themselves were not the fighting type, they had to lash out in other ways, such as: name calling (the birth-place of "dance-floor asshole"), tire slashing (this caused a lot of problems due to people not knowing which car belonged to which person inside the club), and becoming a general nuisance on the dance floor.

Since the 80s the term "Dance-Floor Asshole" has come to be used to describe anyone who can do something better than you. For instance: Lets say you bought yourself a nice new Mustang Convertable. Its the car you've always wanted and you've been putting away half of your paycheck for the past three years, just to be able to afford it. Then the same day, your rich neighbor Mr. Jones comes home with a Ferrari, or a Porsche, which he bought simply because he was tired of his old BMW. Now, he would be a Dance-Floor Asshole.

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