In the year 1999, Sonata Arctica released their Album “Ecliptica.” The famous album on which the song Letter To Dana is played. The song about Dana O’Hara.<\p>

Letter to Dana is really a love song about a woman called Dana O’Hara. Many fans of this Finnish power metal band (melodic metal, as they like to call themselves) have often wondered who this Woman actually is.<\p>

Is she based on any real Person?
In an Interview with Tony Kakko (who does the vocals in Sonata Arctica) this question was asked. As it is actually a very popular question. The answer is no. Tony was writing a song and he simply needed a name. He jokingly said he got inspiration from X-Files,(“letter to Scully”).<\p>

On another song he wrote, called “shy,” he once more (briefly) mentioned the name Dana. Just to see if anyone would notice. As it turned out, many people did.<\p>


The interview with Tony Kakko can be viewed on this website:<\p><\p>

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