My Dad.

Danny Wayland Seals

Born: February 8, 1948; McCamey, Texas
Died: March 25, 2009; Nashville, Tennessee

He is survived by his wife, Andrea; four children, Jim, Jeremy, Holley and Jesse; seven grand-children, Kathrine, Robert, Abigail, Megan, Zachary, Ruby and Luca.

Seals died in his daughter's home after a two-year-long fight against lymphoma cancer. He had received a stem-cell transplant nine months before his death that resulted in Host vs. Donor Disease, which ultimately ended his life. At the time of death, he was surrounded by his family and closest friends.

Dan Seals was a Baha'i who had recorded a score of hits in both the 70's pop music genre as one half of the duo "England Dan & John Ford Coley" and country music industry as Dan Seals.

Through all his days, he was driven to bring joy to the hearts of any who crossed his path. Always with a kind, supportive word and a gentle strength borne from some pretty incredible experiences, Danny Seals will be missed by all who knew him and well rememebered.

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