Damien Marley(a.k.a "Jr. Gong") is a singer, and is also one of Bob Marley's nine children. He sings reggae songs, and has come out with four albums and one single incuding (from newest to oldest) Welcome to Jamrock, Halfway Tree, Educated Fools, Mr. Marley, and his single, Still Searching.

In 2001 he won a grammy for best reggae album in 2001. On this he said, “A Grammy in reggae is good,but it will be great to see reggae win Album Of The Year…it’s not about one man shut off from the rest of the crabs in the barrel."

Damien Marley sings edgy reggae, and sings of poverty, political violence, love, war and more. His newest album, Welcome to Jamrock (2005), has become extremely popular and has taken up much radio time .

“These are difficult years…and this has been a year of signs and wonders and mystics. We’re in a mind opening time now—a lot of people don’t have material suffering, but spiritual suffering, “Welcome To Jamrock" is about hope, and there’s still more to share. I’m still very close to the beginning.” -Damien Marley

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