A Damchi, or commonly known as a Bhutan Damchi or Bhutanese Damchi is a rare breed of dog that is not officially recognized and not very many people know about them.

Damchis are apart of the toy group and are medium sized. Their coat calls for grooming(brushing, combing, etc.) twice weekly, and only need to be fed once a day. Color variarions include: Black and white, several variations are acceptable. They stand approximately 13-17 in. (33-43 cm) tall.

This charming breed is somewhat similar to the Tibetan Spaniel and lives in Bhutan, where people are particularly fond of pets. A Damchi named Khomyto, meaning 'my little baby', was owned by the former King of Bhutan, and the breed has been featured on postage stamps of the country. Although resembling the Tibetan Spaniel, the Damchi is slightly longer and more sturdy, with a slightly longer muzzle and less cushioning on the cheeks. A fewe of these dogs live in Germany with a breeder who took them back with her from India, but it seems unlikely that the true breed can now survive in Europe unless new blood is introduced from Bhutan.

Summary: The Bhutanese Damchi is revered in Bhutan but its survival abroad is in danger if new blood is not introduced.

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