Daisuke Jigen is a permanent member of Arsene Lupin III’s gang, and his best friend in the anime/manga Lupin III. For the most part he agrees with Lupin’s agenda, except where it concerns Fujiko Mine, who he distrusts due to her changeable allegiances. He is a generally stoic person, but has been known to goof around with Lupin on occasion. His hat covers the majority of his face, making it impossible to tell that if is a gaijin or not. His crumpled cigarette is another trademark, only the most vicious of gunfights extinguishes it. In fact, Jigen loses some of his power if he is without his hat, actually reducing the accuracy of his aim! Jigen is originally from Chicago, where he was involved in several gang wars.

Jigen’s gun of choice is the S&W M19 Combat Magnum. He is an expert marksman, doing the majority of the shooting for the Lupin gang. He could shoot out a man’s lapel pin from several hundred yards away, and the odd scrapes Lupin gets into warrant that at one point or another. In addition, Jigen does most of the reckless driving of the gang’s Austin Mini Cooper. Jigen acts as a kind of conscience for Lupin, making sure decisions aren’t too rash or influenced by feminine wiles.

Jigen’s voice is mostly mellow, but he can get excited when things start getting hectic, as they usually do. His seiyuu include Kobayashi Kiyoshi and Ginga Banjou. Jigen has the unique ability to stay calm under pressure, making him an essential part of the Lupin gang, and as cool as the other side of the pillow.

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