DJ leslie was a young activist punk who somehow found herself at a Skinny Puppy show when she was 16. Moved by the visceral, raw element of the music, as well as the politics that seemed to flow over from punk to industrial, she soon became a fan of the music and a regular club attendee. Louis Ducharme, Ottawa's prime industrial DJ of the time, offered to teach her to play and she later joined him for guest sets throughout Ottawa and Hull at clubs like Zinc, Le Bistro, Café Deluxe, GiGi's and others. When DJ Louis stepped down, DJ leslie filled his spots and soon developed an audience of her own. Her philosophy about DJing underground music includes a commitment to playing new, challenging music in addition to ignoring the pigeon-holing that takes place in electronic music, playing whatever was underground and dark that fit with her set.

When DJ leslie began to play, there was one local industrial band named Zykotik K9. Soon after their formation, she got involved with them to try and give them a hand with publicity and promotions. She shortly realized that nobody in Ottawa was remotely interested in booking and promoting live, underground acts, leaving her to try and take this on herself. Her first live event took place in 1995, showcasing underground acts from Montreal and Ottawa, and while she lost money on the show, she had learned much and continued to seek out talent to bring to Ottawa in a way never seen before.

At the time of this writing, her weekly Industrial night at Zaphod Beeblebrox has reached the 10-year mark, having brought acts to the city such as Juno Reactor, Alex Patterson, Download, Imminent, Scorn, Gridlock, and many others. The year-long series of Dark Carnival festivals was also successful in bringing underground art and underground music together, and highlighting much of the talent within Ottawa's own art community.

Ottawa also can proudly say that it now has many local industrial and underground electronic acts, many on international record labels. Iszoloscope on both Ant-Zen and Spectre Records, Antigen Shift on Frozen Empire Media, Liar's Rosebush on Flesh Made Word, and many more locals like 45 CEP, Subsektor, Five Ways, Lou Cypher Project and others all havereleases out already or on their way.

She has made a name for herself both locally and internationally, DJing at events all over North America. She also played both the pre-party and closing of annual 3 day Industrial/Power Electronics festival Maschinenfest, held in a bunker in Aachen, Germany.

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