I discovered DJ Amok on mp3.com while randomly browsing their playlists. Now while his sound may seem pretty low-tech to the trained ear, and definitely to other fellow DJs, he does have some powerful beats.

His music seems to be mostly aimed towards the "Detroit" techno style, which is similar to tribal in some ways, but different. Just listen to some of his stuff, and you'll see. He's got a lot of songs up for download, which is cool. Even though it's not really evident, he does have a style all his own, little things, like not using DJ effects (backspin, filter sweep, etc.) much, but when he does use them they sound k-rad.

Some of his stuff is really psychotic, as I like to call it. This looptechno may be fairly easy to produce, but when done right, can really squeeze the juice out of one's brain. Here are some of my picks out of the songs I heard.

  • DJ Amok - Space Rave - One of his only non-brain-pounding songs, but nice use of variety in sound (the waterdrops will drive you insane!).
  • DJ Amok - Apocalypse Part II - Dance of the Dead - A lot of distortion here, as is evident in most of his earlier songs. The zombie sounds are a nice touch.
  • DJ Amok - Earthquake - A definite favorite of mine. The bassline that comes in about 20 seconds into it is relentless. Really nice use of backspins here. The filtersweep or two is well placed.
  • DJ Amok - Sadistic Pleasures Part I - Also a favorite of mine. I don't know how to describe this track, and I don't know where he got those samples, but I love it. Really relentless, and not too repetetive either.

Not much I can say about his albums, basically the same stuff he has up on the site.

He plays only in Europe, mainly Germany, as far as I know. Sucks for me in New York City. Here is his info:


Everything else is linked from there

Happy brain blending!

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