DASFA / 'das•fah /

The Denver Area Science Fiction Association. It is one of the oldest Science Fiction clubs still active in the United States. Like many SF groups it was started in 1968 in response to a group of fans being snubbed by another group that has long since perished.

The group meets twice a month, with the big meeting always on the third Saturday of the month. They also have met in the same place, the basement of a bank on south Federal Boulevard in Denver, for the last 20 years. After the meeting a Dead Dog Party is held at some member's house where there is gab and food. Though small it is clear this is a group that is going to be around for the long haul. There are about 100 Dasfans (as they call themselves), though usually only between 15-30 show up at any given meeting.

The other group get together is the party without the meeting beforehand and it is called the Alternate Party. Many times the host try to attract more members by giving it a theme, like Steve's Pizza Alternate where we all brought pizza toppings and made pizza. Or Michalak's Ice Cream Alternate where there was homemade ice cream.

Many members of the group are involved with the running of MileHiCon, one of the large SF conventions in the Denver area. It has been going, in some form, for nearly as long as DASFA. The club membership fee is quite reasonable and entitles the member to 12 issues of the association's newsletter, DASFAx, and discounts at a few stores.

Like everyone else these days they are on the web:

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