The D-spin is a trick invented by skier Mike Douglas. He came up with the trick accidentally in 1998 while trying to learn a McTwist. Mike decided to name it by using the first letter of his last name. He describes the most basic D-spin as a cross between a backflip 360 and corkscrew 720. When people argue which it is, it's a D-spin. Once you start to add more rotations in, it is easily distinguished and it gets its own unique style.

I'm not going to go in depth on how to perform this trick because I've never tried it before, but I will give a general description. The beginning of the trick involves spinning as if you were doing a corkscrew: parallel to the ground and rotating about your length. Coming out of the trick is what distinguishes it from a corkscrew. Once you're almost done spinning, you need to get inverted and finish your rotation.

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