Welcome to Genoq Biolabs.

Genoq staff would normally be conducting tours of the facility today. However, we regret to say that Genoq Biolabs is currently under siege from highly-lethal organic weapons.

We suggest that you head toward the nearest exit as quickly as possible.

Please visit us again soon, and have a nice day.

Genoq, C.I.E.
A Delaware Corporation

1991 isometric-perspective computer game by Robert Cook, released through Mindscape for the Amiga platform and, a year later, through Abersoft for the PC.

You had been at your apartment in Paris when the call came in. Hours later, after flying the length of Asia, over the Himalayas and the radioactive deserts of Kazakhstan, you arrive in Singapore carrying an urgent package for the scientist Derrida...

You play a courier hired to deliver a package to one of the brightest minds of Genoq's Singapore division, Jacques Derrida, from Genoq Neural Research in Jyvaskyla, Finland.

Genoq brought in Derrida to head the special operations lab, the supersecret research wing charged with designing the next generation biomedicines. The message you received from Derrida was panicked and desperate. Perhaps there had been some accident, and the labs are now contaminated with a lethal virus or worse...

Unfortunately as you quickly find out, after landing your jet-pack on the 80th floor landing pad of the office building, something odd is going on inside the facilities. All of the employees are cowering under their desks while automated security systems fry anything that moves and giant bouncing geometrical figures (GenoqTM: building peace through better weapons), freed from the research labs, engulf or flatten anyone nimble enough to evade the turrets.

26 Jun 16:05 mn00352911
From: Derrida /e0_0523
To: Monique Resvi /4_5523, Katrina Chu /4_1226

I have been waiting for a very important package since yesterday. The moment it is delivered, you must notify me!


But these are the mean streets of the near future, and you don't get paid if you don't deliver the package. You're damned good at that - it's what you do. Acquiring a "laser" in the lobby you set forth to deliver your package to Derrida, wherever in the building he may be, to give him the package in your hot little hands which could well be the only thing capable of bringing things back to normal.

26 Jun 17:13 mn00353051
From: Derrida /e0_0523
To: Monique Resvi /4_5523, Katrina Chu /4_1226

Monique, when the package comes, you must tell me immediately! It cannot wait! We are having difficulties with one of our prototypes. I will send an assistant down to your desk presently. You must remain there until he arrives.

J. Derrida

And even if you fail, you still get to get sucked up by the toilet-like level transporters. Tee hee. Beware of the A/Generation red sphere, which will turn invisible before (in a very The Prisoner turn) bouncing on and around you, the B/Generation blue cylinders which will sink into the floor when you're not looking and stomp you to smithereens the first chance they get, the C/Generation mimics who will pretend to be employees before revealing their fiery skin and decapitating you, and of course the mysterious D/Generation product of the Genoq (GenoqTM: We're into your Genes) Biolabs.

Over the course of the game you get very good at bouncing the bolts from your "laser" off of walls to activate buttons and you develop a growing appreciation for exactly how many roofs an office building can have.

27 June 2021 International Network News

Singapore. A massive explosion rocked the entire downtown area last night as the Genoq Biomedical Tower exploded in a huge fireball.

... a Genoq spokesperson stated that the explosion was not an accident, but an attack by one of Genoq's rivals, possibly another genetics multinational...

A search of the rubble revealed no survivors.

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