Behold, the storied past of professional wrestler and accountant D'Lo Brown.  (6'3", 275 pounds, from Chicago, Illinois, in case you care about that sort of thing.)

Brown graduated from the University of Maine.  He really is a Certified Public Accountant.  From there, how could he not make the logical leap to professional wrestling?!

Nation 1.0, 1996:  Faarooq and manager Clarence Mason, along with a group of nameless lackies (including D-Lo Brown) form the Nation of Domination, as a sort of parody of Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam. The very white Crush joins as a matter of convenience (he was already managed by Mason) and Savio Vega joins a few months later.

D'Lo is very much a non-factor this point, remaining nameless for months and basically just being a bodyguard for the Nation.

Nation 2.0, 1997:  Disgusted by the constant in-fighting, Faarooq fires everyone but D-Lo and brings in longtime enemy Ahmed Johnson and Kama MustafaOwen Hart joins a little later.

D'Lo starts to actually compete around this period, wrestling on his first Pay-Per-View at Badd Blood in October of '97.  He had a (worked) injury to his chest during this time, leading him to wear a chest protector which was allegedly "loaded" with a metal plate--shades of Lex Luger's loaded forearm years previously.  Thus, D'Lo's finishing maneuver, a frog splash, was very dangerous indeed to his opponents.  What was funny about this whole mess is that the chest protector was obviously not loaded, looking like it was stuck together with glue and cardboard.

D'Lo won the first of his four WWF European Championships in July of 1998 from HHH.  To justify him being a true European Champion, he'd have himself introduced as hailing from a different European city each match (usually Helsinki) even though everyone knew he was from Chicago.  Ha ha!

Nation 3.0, 1998:  Remaining members D-Lo, Kama and Mark Henry dump the newly face-turned Rocky Maivia from the group on an episode of Sunday Night Heat.  The group disbands soon after.

Following the breakup of the Nation, D'Lo began to team with Mark Henry and work regularly in the Tag Team division.  The two turned face in early 1999 due to positive fan reaction to them more than anything else.  After Mark Henry got injured/took time off/was too fat/whatever the hell it was, D'Lo got his shot to compete alone.  He won the European Championship a few more times--who can forget his "legendary" feud with Mideon at Fully Loaded '99?  He won the WWF Intercontinental Championsip from Jeff Jarrett soon after, thus holding the European and Intercontinental Championships at the same time.  This was soon aborted, as he jobbed both the titles to Jarrett at SummerSlam '99 and faded into obscurity for quite some time.

He resurfaced in late 2000, teaming with Chaz to form the tag team of Lo Down.  The story here is that both guys felt they had gotten unfair treatment and were out to prove themselves.  This actually had potential, but sadly the WWF chose not to take much interest in making the angle succeed, and so after a few weeks they took on Tiger Ali Singh as a manager and started wearing turbans to the ring.  Don't ask.  This fizzled unspectacularly, and D'Lo hasn't been seen on WWF programming since.  He's still under contract, though, so he may yet resurface.

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