Cyworld is a popular social networking website in South Korea. A quarter of the total population of South Korean are registered members of Cyworld and 90% of users are in their 20's.‘Cy’ could mean ‘cyber’ or the Korean word for ‘relationship’. Cyworld provides a virtual space to all users, who can decorate their ‘Mini hompy (mini-homepage)’ and can invite their friends (il -chon). Each Mini-hompy has a photo gallery, guestbook, message board, video and dairy for owners and their friends. Cyworld has a currency called Dotori which allows all users to purchase music, skin and fonts. Cyworld also collaborates with an instant messenger Nate-on which has similar features to MSN messenger. Users can invite their Cyworld friends to Nate-on. Cyworld is now also available in USA, China, Vietnam, Japan and Taiwan.

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