Cyber Groove is a one of these new fangled rhythm and dance games. Unlike all the others, which come out of Japan, The Land Of Console Gaming, CG comes from Korea, who is a nation of right-minded PC Gamers (and are apparently obsessed with Starcraft). Point is, it's a computer game.

Daily Radar and IGN did reviews of this game some time back, and in passing mentioned how tough it would be to find the game in the States. Apparently, tough translates into impossible.

However, you can order the game from Front Far East Industrial's website: . For only $25 dollars US, you get the CD & the Happy Boy. Unfortunately, shipping costs more than the actual game.

The Happy Boy is a sheet of plastic that basically amounts to a USB 8-way gamepad you step on. Like the Nintendo Power Pad of old. This is how you control your on screen alter ego. Well, not actually. The dancers do whatever the hell they please, if you're hitting the steps correctly or not. We're not talking Bust-A-Groove here.

The graphics are otherwise OK, while the backgrounds are certain to induce flashbacks to either a bad trip or the 60's, depending on which you visited last. The music is annoyingly catchy J-Pop mixed in with "classics" that must be royalty free, such as Tub-thumping and YMCA.

From what I can make out of the Korean site, you can also download steps for other songs / videos, but I think you need the VCD to make 'em work. I dunno... my Korean isn't that great (or existant).

System Requirements (lifted stright from the documentation)

hardware requirement CPU: P233MMXAP‡U233 or related level CPU 3D Card: 4M RAM 3D Card (If your Alphascope is AGP 4M RAM, a 3D Card is already included) DRAM: 32M CD-ROM: 24X I/O PORT: GAME PORT or USB PORT FOR PAD

Also of note, it supports two players on one or two Happy Boys.

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