These are some things that you should not say in Hindi. It is interesting to note how many of these have to do with one's sister or mother.

bhadwaa = pimp (person who solicits customers for prostitutes)
Note: Used commonly.

behen chod =(singular) sister fucker
Note: This is one of the most common of abuses.

bhen chowd = Go fuck your sister

Note: This is the other most common of abuses. It is accepted during casual conversations with friends.

chuutya = cunthole
Note: This is as common as the English term "asshole".

tum chuutya ho = you're a cunthole (an asshole).

gaand = ass

gaandu (noun, masc.)= gay
Note: probably derived from gaand which means ass.

gote = balls,br. Note: Pronounced as goat-aey. Often used in phrases like

  • gote pe laath maara meaning kick someone on the balls or
  • gote dab gaye (balls got squeezed)
  • gote mu mein aa gaye (balls were in his mouth) meaning someone (usually male) was in deep trouble.

haram zadah = a bastard, an illegal issue

  • haram zadah, eeder ao! = bastard, come here!
  • wo Shanker haram zadah heh. (that Shanker is a bastard)

hijda = transvestite
Note: In Bombay, where the transvestite community is rather visible, this word is often used to communicate a lack of testicular fortitude or "cajones" on the part of the person. Perhaps equivalent to the English slang "wuss" or "pansy".

kuttiya (fem. sing.) = bitch

lavDa (noun) = prick, penis

Note: This is Bombay street slang, and is very common but used almost exclusively by men.

lund = dick

lund choos = suck my dick

ma ki chut = mother's pussy
Note: pronounced "maa key chooth".

madar chowd = motherfucker

randi (noun) = prostitute, whore
Note: It is most frequently used to describe the nature of the person's mother or sister. The word itself is not offensive, it is the context it is used within that leads to its strength as an expletive.

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