This 2004 release brings out a whole new angle of the Buckethead experience, with hard metal riffage and some classic, amazing moments in guitar note-slinging the likes of which would be difficult if not impossible to find in any other corner of the modern music scene.

Primus's Brain makes another appearance with our favorite chicken-man, the first since their last combined effort on Colma. This release again proves that their interaction brings out great chemistry, and allows both musicians to really hit their high-water mark.

There are programmed beats, but only to the extent of providing a backdrop for Buckethead to unleash in some portions of the album. These added beats comprise about 10% of the drum track as a whole. Throughout the other tracks, Brain and Buckethead's interaction borders on uncanny. Providing syncopated cymbals and snare through some of the more melodic sections of guitar shows Brain's talent for adding a unique flavor to this overall heavy-metal CD.

Along with Buckethead's other recent releases, this one shows that he remains committed to providing a unique experience with each new addition. This album also offers very clean, sharp production which makes listening easier to do even though the songs are very fast-tempo. A casual listener could be turned off on first listen due to the thrash-metal portions of some tracks, but listening to just a few tracks will prove to be entertaining to most people. This is a GREAT CD to listen to on headphones, where Buckethead showcases some clean studio work right up there with the greats.

Buckethead proves again that he can be placed in the ranks of the best guitar virtuosos of our age. The guitar antics and funk-enhanced metal found here are truly original.

           Track Listing

1. Descent of the Damned 	
2. Spokes for the Wheel of Torment 
3. Arc of the Pendulum 
4. Fountains of the Forgotten 
5. Treeman 	
6. Pylegathon 
7. Traveling Morgue 
8. One Tooth of the Time Train 
9. Bedlam's Bluff 	
10. Beaten With Sledges 	
11. Woods of Suicides 
12. Yellowed Hide 	
13. Moths to Flame 	
14. Ravines of Falsehood 
15. Black Forest 	
16. Haven of Black Tar Pitch
17. Escape Wheel

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