A Cuban Jazz combo started in 1996. Jesus Alemany leads Cubanismo and plays a smoking trumpet also. Cubanismo means specific to Cuba, and they deifnately have a distinct sound to them. They have released 4 albums; Cubanismo, Malembe, Reencarnacion, and Mardi Gras Mambo. They started touring in 1997 and have gained popularity throughout the US and Europe. Their music is a beautiful ensemble using trumpets, trombone, saxophone, flute, tres, guiro, piano, bass, timbales, bongo, congo, timbales, claves, maracas, and occasional vocals. If you have any experience with or desire toward salsa dancing, Cubanismo will move your hips and feet. If you buy a Cubanismo album, buy some new dancing shoes also.......the need to cut a rug will present itself.

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