i love you
even as I say it
even as I look at you
seeming to say
why are you there?
why am I here?
apart but for an instant
still always together
minds and hearts tied by
shimmering links
cold copper flashing  words of love
distances bridged
but still we cannot touch

cruel wires stretch to the sky
to the horizon to meet yet another
cruel wires bring hope
bring love, bring destruction
mindless numbers
falling in love
uncaring of reality
not knowing consequences
not feeling the pain
freeing the mind
locking the heart

I am here.
hold me.
say not a word
words are for wires
hold me close
copper wires bring hope
now, together, let us love
without words

look in my eyes
I love you

written for Aliza of alt.kids-talk, 1993

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