Crouch End is a 'town' in North London. You can find it about a mile north of Finsbury Park. It's just East of Highgate and West of Bounds Green. High up to the north, you will see Alexandra Palace, and further North still you can get to Muswell Hill.


There was once a train line running from Kings Cross, all the way to Alexandra palace via Crouch End. Unfortunately after the 2nd World War, this line was abandoned and transformed into the delightful "Parkland Walk". As a result, Crouch End has gained one of the loveliest walking routes, but missed out on some essential transport infrastructure. If you care about that sort of thing, you're probably not the sort of person who will want to move to Crouch End.

Perhaps the worst thing about this area is its distance from the London Underground. There are however a number of frequent bus routes, and in the East of Crouch End in an area known as the "Harringay Ladder" there are two overground stations on the WAGN line (Harringay and Hornsey). 15 minutes walk to the south you can find Crouch Hill Silverlink, a rather useless line that does not go anywhere but Gospel Oak.

People who live in Crouch End tend to own a car or a motorbike - you really need some form of personal transport to get around.


Crouch End is made of residential areas surrounding a small number of shopping streets. The shopping area is dominated by a red-brick clock-tower at the intersection of Crouch End Broadway and Tottenham Road.

Shops and restaurants tend to be up-market. There are plenty of clubs and bars, however these tend to be rather exclusive, catering for the 30+ crowd and a very different atmosphere to the more rowdy bars and nightclubs of Camden or Brixton.

Despite the poor transport, Crouch End is a great place to go out and eat - There is a restaurant catering for almost every national cuisine you can think of. Eating out seems to be a pass-time enjoyed by the locals.


Whilst not quite as plush as Belsize Park, nor as exclusive as Kensington, Crouch End is a great place to live. The area has nearly everything you could need - I could imagine never having to leave the area during a lazy weekend. I plan to move there within the next two months - I think it will be fun.

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