The magazine which many feel to have set the format for all current computer game magazines; previous magazines, including Computer and Video Games and Sinclair User, had contained gaming content, but neither of them were very impressive in this regard at the time, to say the least.

Roger Kean (launch editor), with Oliver Frey and Franco Frey, used schoolkids to help write most of the reviews, giving them free access to games in return for the kids giving them help writing the reviews.

They pioneered the covermount demo tape, although they only ever did it once. Its news coverage was also worthy of note, being very impressive for the time, as was Lloyd Mangram.

It was launched in February 1984, was published (initially on low-quality paper) by Newsfield and had a launch price of 75p. According to Edge, it had a best ABC figure of 106,000. It was eventually sold to EMAP in 1991, who incorporated it into Sinclair User, thus ending the life of a great magazine.

Information taken from both memory and an article in Edge Magazine, issue 102.

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