it happened again this morning, before i woke up: the flying out-of-control thing. Was pretty high but still close to the ground.

on the flight i ran into a former lover and another who wanted to. the symbolism of it all brought me down. in between, i ran into scott, who assured me that the room where i first chose to decompose was not the same as his current hole. it's a moot point, really.

after that (and before being reunited with the Other) i went to where i was spawned where i had a blithe exchange with an entity which introduced itself with an uncommon sobriquet. We talked about geography and stuff. And then that one faded and i turned to the Other. There was the embrace in which one and one melts and melds anew: after (or during, can't be sure how events were ordered really) was asked if this was the right place and i could only smile.

neither were the ones i would have chosen but i take solace that they chose me.
it was all so vivid but when i awoke i could recall nothing until now, 7 or so hours later.

only noticed two fjords today, the third one i wasn't sure about either way but it was the most positive. Each time is a chance to learn how to avoid them but i am still not sure if avoidance is the "right" thing to do. as if there even were a right thing to do.

in any case, crossing over is getting easier.
other things, not so much.

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