a town in the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, Canada. With 20,000 people, Cranbrook is the biggest city between Kelowna (526 km away) and Calgary (369 km away).

The history of Cranbrook goes back to 1898, when the Canadian Pacific Railway named Cranbrook as a major point on the new Crowsnest Railway.

Cranbrook is in the heart of the rockies, and the regional center of the East Kootenays. It is home to the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel, the Wildlife Museum, the Key City Theatre, the Cranbrook Golf Course, the College of the Rockies. In addition, Cranbrook is very close to Kimberly, a Bavarian city nearby known for its ski hill, Fisher's Peak, Fort Steele, and St. Eugene Mission. In fact, Cranbrook is within 30 minutes of 5 National Parks, and within an hour and a half of 3 excellent ski hills.

Cranbrook is a town with a beautiful view, pleasant climate, and wonderful location.

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