Cop Rock was a television series on ABC, during the year of 1990. It was a cop series by Steven Bochco, who was on a career high after creating such succesful series as Hill Street Blues, Doogie Howser M.D., and LA Law. But it had a twist rarely seen on television in the previous twenty years... It was a musical.

The concept itself was so revolting to the masses that the show was barely even watched, other than out of morbid curiosity. The reaction among those who saw it was a little mixed, but most witnessing the program thought it was awful. The song writing was decent, as were the actors, but the whole just didn't mesh well with the entertainment expectations of 1990. And the end result was questionable, regardless.

Eleven episodes of the series were produced and aired, spanning a story arc nicely wrapped at the end of the season. The setting for the series was an LA police precinct, with interesting characters, and gritty themes, and the budget for each episode neared $2 million dollars. Proof that innovation is not always wanted in the entertainment industry.

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